General terms of business

The room rates include the overnight stay per room incl. breakfast, VAT and the use of our wellness area.

Your rooms will be available from 2 pm on the day of arrival.
On the day of departure, please vacate the rooms by 11 am.

Rights and obligations under the accommodation contract:

Published by the Hotels and Related Businesses department of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA)

  1. The accommodation contract is concluded and effective as soon as the room has been booked and confirmed or, if a confirmation was no longer possible due to time constraints, made available.
  2. The conclusion of the accommodation contract obliges the contracting parties to fulfil the contract, regardless of the duration of the contract.
  3. The landlord (hotelier) is obliged to pay compensation to the guest if the room is not provided.
  4. The guest is obliged to pay the agreed or customary price if the contractual services are not used, less the expenses saved by the landlord (remuneration for booking with breakfast = 20%).
    1. The landlord is obliged in good faith to allocate unoccupied rooms elsewhere if possible, in order to avoid loss of income.
    2. The guest has to pay the amount calculated according to number 4 for the duration of the contract until the room has been assigned elsewhere. Prices are subject to change in the event of changes in value-added tax.


In the event of cancellation of a firm room booking, we can only dispense with sending you a cancellation invoice if we are able to allocate the room to another guest for the entire period of your original booking.

The cancellation fee is 50% 12 weeks before arrival and 80% from 8 weeks before arrival.

In case of postponement of the arrival or departure day as well as illness, the resulting costs for overnight stay/breakfast will be billed (in accordance with the recommendations of DEHOGA).

Dispute resolution procedures

We do not participate in alternative dispute resolution procedures before a consumer arbitration body.